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Totoro Pineapple Tart

Over the past few weeks has been super insane, we are busy with preparing for Lunar New Year! It’s so significantly important for the Chineses, just like Christmas for the Caucasian. We have been doing a lot of shopping, cooking, and preparation. This year both Joe and I decided to make some goodies to give away – pineapple tarts.

Totoro is an Instagram character that people love too put on their food. Because of its distinct color and shape, it is always easy to make them into food. There Totoro Pineapple Tarts takes longer to make then the usually ones as  there is lots of details to take note of, however the final product is worth it.

Pineapple tarts are basically a cookie with a pineapple filling, in a buttery and crumbly pastry. They are mostly referred as pineapple tarts in Malaysia and Singapore.

The filling is from fresh and juicy pineapple, which is cooked and reduced to a golden-color pineapple jam filling. No words can describe just how awesome they taste, and I can’t think of any, any, cookies that would top this. Simple as that!

We have always wanted to make pineapple tart for the new year, however, we always didn’t have the chance to. With lots of try and error, these time will finally, successfully make them.  To make them start by making the pineapple filling ahead to let it cool.

Ingredients |

  • 2 whole pineapples (8 lbs / 3 1/2 kg) or 5 lbs (2 1/2 kg) pineapple flesh
  • 1/2 tablespoon cloves, optional
  • 1 – 1 1/2 cups (250 – 300 g) sugar, or to taste
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice

Method |

Cut the stalk off the pineapple and follow the skin. Make sure all divits are removed. Slice the pineapple flesh into pieces and blend in a blender until they become the puree. Add the pineapple puree and cloves to a non-stick pot and cook on medium heat, constantly stirring to avoid burning.

When the pineapple is almost dry, add the sugar and lemon juice, stir to combine well. Lower the heat to simmer and continue to stir until the pineapple filling turns golden in color and becomes very sticky. Transfer the pineapple filling out, remove the cloves and chill in the fridge for 30 minutes.


  • 3 sticks butter (350 g) unsalted butter, at room temperature
  • 3 1/2 oz (100 g) sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 18 oz (500 g) all-purpose flour or plain flour’
  • black and white food coloring

Method |

Cream the butter and condensed milk until light and fluffy. Add in the egg yolk one at a time, and beat until well combined. Mix in the flour slowly to form the pastry dough. The dough is ready when it no longer sticks to your hands. Take 1/5 of the dough and colored it with white coloring, and the remaining using a bit of black coloring.

Divide the pineapple filling and dough into 100 portions. Roll them both into balls. To wrap, use your palms to roll each dough and then flatten it.

Add a pineapple ball in the middle and fold the edges of the dough up to cover the filling. Finish it off by rolling it into a round ball. Shape it into an avocado shape, add in the details of the tummy and ears.

Place the pineapple cookie on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Using the back of a paring knife, cut the inverted “V” shape on the cookie. Repeat the same until all ingredients are used up.

Bake in a preheated oven at 330F (165C) for about 20-22 minutes or until they turn golden brown. Transfer them out and cool on a wire crack before storing in an airtight container.

Hope you try some of these bad boys! Share with us your version! Take a photo of yours, send us an email, tag us on Instagramtweet us, anything. We love to see yours!

xoxo, Angela.

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