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The Moon’s Insight | Totoro Bustop

I am surprised that I could find lots of Japan elements in Taiwan. Or I can say all the elements inspire to Japan. Fans of Miyazaki’s My Neighbour Totoro like me would remember when Satsuki waited at the bus stop for her dad in the rain and Totoro gave her shelter.

Thus we channel our inner anime character and recreate that iconic scene at Taichung’s very own Totoro Bus Stop! It’s not an actual bus stop, but stick around long enough and who knows, you might just encounter the Catbus *wink*

Right next to this adorable fixture is Home Doctor, an interior design and housing repair company. The owner built the entire setup himself, with the giant grey creature crafted out of scrap wood. Chibi and Chu Totoro are present too, and the wall behind is dotted with Soot Balls. There was even the soundtrack from the movie playing when we visited – how’s that for attention to detail!

xoxo, Joe

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