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Week 44 | A Paint Portrait


Title: Dear Jill and Kai 
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As a creative, when works growing busy each day, times it gets out-of-control. With works collapsed on me, I became annoyed easily even to my love ones. I feel like deadlines are making me suffocating.

Despite, calming myself down yet things never seem to better at all. This reminds me of a good friend who undergoes panic attack in the past with all stress and works pressing at her. Properly, that the past for her as I’m still struggling.

This week featuring, Jill, one amazing friend I’ve worked with. While we only spent a short period of time working with another but it seems like we knew each other for years. Ultimately, we know each other for a couple of years now; I witness her loving marriage and all wonderful news she shared. She is always my “darling”, who shown me her supports and encouragement in life.

Recently, what make me so happy at work is to discovered she is pregnant! I could start imagine months later or even years later, a beautiful child of her will call me Aunt Angela! It’s very exciting news as I always believed both Jill and her husband will have most beautiful children!

This portrait is a belated gift I painted for them since their wedding (which was long delayed), I hope that she will love it. However, I realized I need to get really to update a new portrait with their member in the frame.

Happy Mid Week!
xoxo, Angela.

Illustration | Angela Leong

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