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Snack from Taiwan 7/11

1. 雪天果 Herbal Chews

How can be sweet packaging so adorable? This is a very problem Herbal Candy in Taiwan and it tastes refreshing. It is the best option for you if you want to get some as a souvenir.

2. Various Dried Fruits

We are amazed by the variety of dried fruits they have in Taiwan 7/11 and these Mango Slices caught our attention. We have tried this Mango Slices and it is delicious. It is not very dried like chips and the fragrance of mango flow up once we open the packet.

3. Nim Jiom Herbal Chew

Nim Jiom is only of the famous brand that even Singaporean knew. It is easy to find the cough syrup in Singapore, it can be found in any supermarket or mini-mart. However, for this Herbal Chew, it can only be found in Taiwan. Therefore I always get dozens of it when I travel to Taiwan!

What are some of the candies you will be getting on your trip to Taiwan? Tell us below and we will get some from our next trip to Taiwan.
xoxo, Joe

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