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Moodboard | Shaded Spruce

You will be in love with the unique Shaded Spruce when you are seeking for some striking, flourishing touch. Unlike the Greenery, this particular tone is caught in between Teal and Golden Lime. It simply brings you to a different territory of perception.

I have this thing with greens, one particular color that rest my eyes compared to the rest that simply never bring me joy. Blue, red, yellow all just don’t look as great as the greens.  With a different combination of a mixture, it will create a different look. However, Green is a difficult color to handle if you use it wrongly you just give it mess in your room!

White, teal, black, chrome and light wood is this palette is perfection! A teal colored wall tapestry is another great way to add a Boho vibe to your space. For a bit of mystery, go with a ‘Shaded Spruce’ upholstered sofa against a charcoal gray painted wall. You can also add in this gorgeous wallpaper. A great mix of teal, jade, white and gold tones.

xoxo, Angela

Credit | All shots used on the mood board via our Pinterest boards.

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