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Mood Board | Rocking Chair

Remember when I was a child when we are still staying with our grandmother. In our house, we have this rocking chair. Our grandmother loves to sit and rock on it while watching television. When grandmother was not on it, it was never empty, everyone would always race who gets to sit in it first. These memories warm my heart and I always dream, that when I will have my home, I will own one of these chairs in my living room.

All of these chairs feature a comfortable seat, a wooden or metal frame and plain fabrics that harmonise nicely with contemporary and modern environments. Perfect for story time or snooze time, these rocking chairs have a fresh, modern designthat works well in any living space. This type of seating can be used as a comfortable and cozy spot for nursing, napping, reading, knitting, watching TV, or cuddling with your newborn. Take a look at our choices and have a wonderful Monday!

xoxo, Joe

Credit | All shots used on the mood board via our Pinterest boards.


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