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Rain Report, Seoul

Rain Report Croissant in Korea has taken cafe interiors to a whole new level. The sleek black design extends throughout the space, featuring multiple screens displaying weather forecasts and captivating rain scenes. Adding an industrial touch, the cafe incorporates cute props like a satellite dish.

At the heart of the cafe, bamboo shoots rise to the second floor, creating a striking focal point. Complementing this, a small rain fixture consistently releases droplets, enhancing the overall atmospheric charm. Surrounding the bamboo tree, the seating arrangement ensures that every customer enjoys a captivating view.

Additionally, the cafe features a cozy corner where patrons can kick off their shoes, relax, and even lie down on comfortable cushions, resembling a mini movie theatre experience. For those unable to secure seating on the first floor, the second floor offers an abundance of seats. Moreover, there’s a unique area where customers can sit on the floor with a gentle flow of water right beside them, adding to the cafe’s distinctive and inviting atmosphere.

What to order here?

The beverage menu at Rain Report Croissant is thoughtfully categorized into Drip, Espresso-based Drinks, and Non-Coffee options. Under Drip, enticing choices such as Sunshine (8,800won), Wind (7,800won), Cloud (6,800won), Raindrop (7,300won), and Storm (7,300won) are available, each boasting a unique taste profile. For instance, Wind offers a sweet and aromatic experience, while Storm leans towards a darker and heavier flavor.

If you prefer Espresso-based drinks, the menu includes signature options like Sesame Cloud (7,800won), Pepper Cloud (7,800won), Espresso Romano (7,200won), as well as classics such as Latte (6,800won) and White Vanilla Latte (6,300won).

Non-coffee enthusiasts have a variety of choices, including an array of juices, and teas to cater to different preferences.

In the realm of baked goods at Rain Report Croissant, a delightful array of over 20 items awaits you. The display showcases an impressive selection, featuring not only croissants but also an enticing variety of flavors. With 12 different croissant options alone, you can indulge in choices like the Rainbow Milk (5,300won) with its rich milk cream, the truffle oil-glazed Dark Cloud Croissant (4,800won), and the harmonious blend of black and pink pepper in the Storm Smoke Croissant (4,800won).

If given a chance to visit Rain Report Croissant again, we would likely opt for different baked treats, perhaps exploring options like their Garlic Kouign Amann and Pepper Croissant. Nevertheless, the inviting atmosphere and aesthetically pleasing space of Rain Report make it a destination worth revisiting for a brief respite, especially when exploring the charming neighborhood of Seongsu.

Rain Report Croissant (레인리포트 크루아상)
Address: 서울 성동구 성수이로16길 32 주3 1,2F
1st & 2nd Floor, 3 Seongsui-ro 16-gil 32-ju, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun, 11 am-10 pm, Last Order 9 pm
Nearest Subway: Seongsu Station (Line 2), Exit 3

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