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Don’t you think these lightings are trying to seduce you all the time you look at them? While some might not like them like I, however, I believed many just fall in love with them every time they appear! Am I right saying that?

While, looking at these beautiful neon lights, they are like pieces of graphics cut out from the prints. Believe or not, they can be either part of the retro or modern interior designs. In fact, they just match everything and gives your room pop look!

My craving for these stylish lightings, just couldn’t stop as they seem to be part of my living! They give me energy and inspired me daily! Although, normally they served well as a welcoming wall or art pieces at commercial interiors; cafes or bars. But still, who says that it can’t place in our home?

Credit | All shots used on the mood board via our Pinterest boards.

xoxo, Angela.

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