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National Ice Cream Day

The weather is heating up and that means it’s time for summer treats that cool you down! A trip to the ice cream parlor is always a fan favorite, but why leave the comfort of home when you can create your own sweet and dreamy masterpiece? This time we decided to for a simple diy, scoop and dip on the go. Go ahead, satisfy those hot summer-day cravings!

Did you do anything mischievous, out of character, or just plain ol’ fun? If you did, you must tell me all about it! I not only live vicariously through you, but I also like to look for a bit of inspo when letting loose during my summer adventures (and throughout the year, of course).

It’s just… sometimes I feel like we’re so focused all year-long. Focused on work, family, responsibility and etc. But what about the super important, completely necessary, but oft-ignored time to just CHILL? To just relax, unwind, and let the breeze run through your hair?

Alright, what could this possibly have to do with 3 Ingredient Vanilla Chocolate Ice cream you might be asking yourself? Here’s the thing: chocolate started turning into a symbol of relaxation for me years ago. Like, you know how pineapples represent hospitality and strawberries represent a cartoonish personality or something… 😉 Well, chocolate = CHILL time for me.

Every time I see a chocolate, I think about the summer. I think about long, lazy days of swimming, napping in the sun and enjoying all things mango. Be it 3 Ingredient Vanilla Chocolate Ice cream or not. 😉 I think about full days without any screen time at all.

…Sleeping in and waking up to breakfast in bed, with the sounds of the ocean gently waking me up. I think about… just slowing down.

With the summer in full bloom, it seems like high time to give ourselves the break we’ve been craving, nay, needing all year long. Don’t you agree?

This summer, I’m planning on taking a real and meaningful break from work. I’d like to step back a bit, stop obsessing about all the numbers, and just live life.

Will you join me?

Since chocolate = chillin’ like a villain (but not evil at all), I’m dedicating this 3 Ingredient Vanilla Chocolate Ice cream to change–the good, relaxing kind. Here’s to kicking off this newfound commitment to chillin’… and just plain breathing. To smelling the roses. Or chocolate. Whatever floats your cruise boat. 😉

Anyway, Happy National Ice Cream Day!!

Start by melting up the chocolate on a double boiler. Dips your ice cream cone with the chocolate and sprinkle the candies that you loves. You can keep this cone in the freeze for furture use but for us we scoops our flavor vanilla ice cream onto it.

Hope you like them! Share with us your version! Take a photo of yours, send us an email, tag us on Instagram, tweet us, anything. We love to see yours!

xoxo, Joe

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