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Your kitchen’s bar counter makes for an ideal place to entertain visitors and to unwind after a long day at work. If you have already set up a well-stocked bar counter, choosing the right bar stool or chair should be next on your to-do-list. Bar stools are quickly becoming a more popular choice over regular stools because they are practical, aesthetically pleasing, and stylish. There is quite a number of types of bar stools available in the market. The following five handy tips can help you in picking the right, practical, and attractive bar stools or chairs to complement your already magnificent bar counter.

Height matters
When choosing bar stools or chairs, make sure its height matches your island counter’s height. Start by measuring the height of your bar counter from its top to the floor. The difference should be +/- 300mm. If you’re buying bar chairs that come with armrests, then do pay attention to the height of the armrests as well if you need them to be tucked under your island counter.

Pick your favorite features
Each type of bar stool comes with different features that cater to various preferences. Some prefer backless bar stools because they’re easier to get into, while others may like their bar stools with an armrest and backrest cause it makes their entire chilling session a lot more comfortable.

Play with colors…or perhaps not!
Your bar stools should be compatible with not only your kitchen’s bar counter but also the overall interior design of your kitchen. Bar stools of muted and light colors, such as white, black, and light brown, are easy-to-match, versatile, and can fit in nicely with most bar counters and the overall theme most interior designs today.

Be creative with the designs
While barstools are generally not the centerpiece of your home, those with the right designs can greatly enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your kitchen or dining room. Unleash your creativity by picking bar stools that incorporate the element of luxury, sophistication, glamour, or any other vibe that you are looking for.

Buy only what you need
We understand that you want to be ever-ready for guests, but do not be tempted into buying too many bar stools and end up cluttering them around your island counter. Buy just the right number of stools you need, depending on the available space you have to work around with. And if you are throwing a big party, you can always invite your guests to other equally stunning parts of your house.

xoxo, Joe

Credit | All shots used on the mood board via our Pinterest boards.

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