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Everyone who knows me knows how important sleep is to me. Sleep is something I love, from needing eight hours of sleep to sneaking naps when I have the chance. Thus when I came across this lifestyle brand in Bali called Sleeping Culture, they have all sorts of home decor from eco bedding to loungewear. As the brand is from Bali, it straight away gave a Bali vibe to each and every item they created.

I love the tone they used in their textile, the ashy undertone makes it so pleasant to look at. And each of them gave a calm and comfy vibe that makes me want to sleep on them right now. Not that they have a whole range of bedding textiles, but they also have some pottery that I didn’t want to miss it too. Now I am tempted to get them online or during my trip to Bali.

Will you want to great some?

xoxo, Joe

Credit | All shots used on the mood board via our Pinterest boards.

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