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Arches—in varying shapes and sizes—radiate a positive authority in the three-bedroom apartment. The same imperative guided the transformation of the doors, walls, and even reiterated the mirrors in the bathrooms and as art in the living room. The effect is pleasingly sculptural. They try to create an aesthetic imbibed with structural logic. Arch being structurally the most stable form, it brought a degree of calmness to the overall space (as there’s no tension in the way even the load is transferred). This feeling was further enhanced by curved edges to add softness.

The ivory dining table, which sits as a partition between the living room and kitchen, plays the apt accomplice. The chairs are offset with black tones to create depth and match with the ebony flooring and backsplash in the cook room. The overall rustic theme continues —from the muted whites delivered in the marble on the walls, to the woody interpretations of cabinets. The designer pulled a twist of modernity with a sculptural light sourced from Bangalore.

xoxo, Joe

Credit | All shots used on the mood board via our Pinterest boards.

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