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f you are decorating a large and well-lighted room, going with all-warm colors adds a comfortable, welcoming mood. Start with a warm neutral on the walls, like taupe, a warm gray or a warm shade of white, such as ivory with a yellow undertone. Choose a natural-colored leather sofa to add richness and harmonize with a used brick fireplace wall. Pick up the brick red color of the fireplace in striped upholstery that includes the same as the walls for the chairs, and add custom throw pillows in the same fabric for the sofa to add cohesion. Choose an area rug that is either the color of the walls or one that combines the wall color and brick red. Be sure the shade of red harmonizes with the color of hardwood in your flooring. Warm walls plus brick red, natural leather and wood equal cozy to the max.

If you have enough moxie, paint the walls a deep shade of red and cover chairs in the same color—the fabric adds texture and dimension. Cover the sofa in a warm ivory with pink undertones and use that color as an accent throughout, including as painted trim. If they did it in the White House (the Red Room), you can, too. This is statement-making warmth. 

xoxo, Joe

Credit | All shots are used on the mood board via our Pinterest boards.

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