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Merry Christmas

It’s not really Christmas yet, but first I still would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! So after Christmas, New Year is waiting for us right at the corner. This year has been a great year for me, however, I know they can be better. I try out different hobbies and I made lots of new friends. This year been great when I step out of my comfort zone. Such as when I started a conversation with people I first met and also when I tried to travel to a new place alone.

Let’s bring back the topic, what will be doing on Christmas Day? For me, I and my sister will be cooking a meal for our family. It has been awhile since we sat down together and have a proper dinner. It is the time we will have a good gathering and sharing session. How about you? If you are still not sure on what to cook for that day, it is still not too late to start the preparation now.

Below are some of the recommendation for you, these recipes are delicious yet they won’t take up much of your time. I am sure that your family will like it.

Maple Chili Roasted Salmon with Cashew, Brussels Sprouts

Creamy Scalloped Potatoes

Chocolate Orange Christmas Pudding

Pomegranate Thyme Fizz Cocktail

xoxo, Joe.

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