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Week 48 | A Paint Portrait

Title: Dear Grace
Instagram’s account: @gracebulbeck

This week, I would love to share with you this young beautiful photographer, Grace. Perhaps recently, she wasn’t being active on her Instagram as much as before. Thus, when I just found out about her, I fall in love with her wondrous images.

When I don’t paint, I take photographs and that is me. First got my camera at the age of 6. It’s a film mini camera, everything is exciting to me, it took me very long to decide to take each shot as I want to keep to shot forever. Nothing compared to the digital photograph right now, I would say I love film more.

Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is. That is why I enjoy taking, I believed that is why grace could take breathtaking images. The love for each moment…

Happy Mid Week!

xoxo, Angela.

Illustration | Angela Leong

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