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Week 51 | A Paint Portrait


Title: Dear Lynette
Instagram’s account: @lynette_twz

This week, this amazing friend whom I painted, she was one of a unique individual. She is one of the energetic people I ever met,  I knew her through an event and she is really amazing! Her passion in work and handling event is just inspiring. That’s why I would want to dedicate this painting to her in my life journey.

Speaking of the event, I have been working in the event industries for almost 4 years in counting. I wasn’t always keen on working in the event but it turned me to someone who doesn’t know anything till something I’m confident to work on. It builds my confidence in designing.

Yet there is still the frustration that I faced – the artworks to handle. Esecapilly you need to handle plenty of artworks and the sizes of it. Therefore, it’s has been the insane past week, it has been crazy with new coming works that I didn’t foresee that stretches from last week till this week.

But it always would have been easier if I did all the work from the start myself (but simply can’t). As a designer what I most disturb by is the messiness file from another party. It could be a madness if someone is disorganized! It wasn’t all about me being OCD but packing files are the basic rules of all. I’m looking forward to sharing some design tips with you.

Happy Mid Week!

xoxo, Angela.

Illustration | Angela Leong

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