A Paint Portrait / DESIGN

Week 13 | Project 52

Dear Vonica,
Instagram’s account: @34thjuly

I believe that a true friend is no matter how many years have passed, whether you see another every day, if both parties want to be connected with, it’ll always be connected with.

Remember at least a decade ago while we are still students, nobody will understand why the two of us could associate with. She is an active sportsman while I’m a nerd. None of us have a common hobby I think, little to say I could speak her language. Von(ica) is amazing because of her personality; straightforward, no drama and never care what others think about her. Despite her smart-looking style, she is a super caring person that you could ever ask for. That must be the reason why I cherished her and appreciate her as a friend a lot.

Among our four years of study together, she is my penpals, audience, and healer. Ultimately despite our different path in life, we hardly get to meet and time from the time we connect through the message. This year finally we met up and nothing changes after year which I’m grateful for.

Highly chance she will criticize me for painting this portrait. However, I imagine this just speaks to her so much! Food simply represents her, I believe she is more a foodie than I’m. Therefore, I just thought this portrait is adorable, don’t you?

Many memories just pop up while I’m writing and I’m thankful that we are still connected.

Happy Wednesday!
xoxo, Angela

Illustration | Angela Leong

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