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Tall ceiling, large windows with plenty of daylight shine in, and there are lots of spaces for creativity. You could enjoy the different possibilities a loft brought you. That’s why we love lofts, they are beyond wondrous. This week we weren’t sharing ideas but our personal desire for these beautiful houses.

There are different looks but one of our favorites is with white interior! Small loft studio dwellers, take note – you can live in a bright, airy space. With the lights shining in,  white just expand and brighten up the spaces. Seamless shelving (and lots of it) mixed with zinc storage boxes (very Parisian chic) makes for a tiny flat that feels roomy yet stylish.

Sometimes when we feel that white is a little boring. We use glass-doored cabinets to highlight favorite items, like the shells and ironstone to add bits of texture.

xoxo, Angela

Credit| All shots used on the mood board via my Pinterest boards.

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