Limequats Sparkling Water with Honey

Lately, the rasing of the temperature make you feel flushed and burning all the time. Wondering what to drink to stop the thirst through the hot summer? Limequats Sparkling Water with Honey will be the instant cure for your dry throat and immediately reduce your body heat. 

This recipe was inspired by our mom’s favourite cup of warm limequat tea. She always encourages us to have it when we have a sore throat and during the cold weather – it’s a natural version of throat lozenges. While many don’t know actuallylimequat helps toquenches our thirst when we are thirsty and hot for the summer. Unlikedrinking harmful artificial drinks to quenches our thirst, the summer drink can help you make your best choice, even though scorching temperatures.

Benefit of limequat, lemon, honey, rosemary

Buying drinks on shelves is fast but unknowing we are drinking harmful chemical mixed without knowing. Therefore, making your own drinks is far more interesting and you could understand more about the ingredients you use.


  • contain a large amount of vitamin C
  • help lower cholesterol and absorb iron from food
  • have very few calories, so they are used in diets
  • mitigate the effects of anaemia
  • help treat any infection that affects the respiratory system, as well as sore throats


  • like limequat it contain a large amount of vitamin C, which is very important for our immune system
  • it also improve digestive health, that’s if you consume the pulps of the lemon


  • good source of antioxidant, where it protect your body from cell damage due to aging
  • help to soothe a sore throat
  • assist in healing wounds and burns


  • rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds
  • help boost the immune system and improve blood circulation

Interesting Facts

Did you know that among all the citrus, limequats last the longest in your storage? We found out that limequats stop ripening once collected and can be refrigerated for a few weeks. Therefore you could buy it in bulks. Wash and dry it well, wrap it in a newspaper and store it in the fridge it will remain fresh.

No matter how hectic your day is this flavoured sparkling water is always a refreshing choice. Try adding a squeeze of lemon juice for more citrus zing. Our favourite part is that it’s a vacation in a cup – one sip you can almost feel the ocean breeze in your hair.

xoxo, Angela

Limequats Sparkling Water with Honey


  • 3 Limequats

  • 2 slices Lemon

  • 2 tbsp of Honey

  • 1 cup of Unsweetened Soda Water / Sparkling Water


  • In your cup layer with honey at the bottom. Add in the ice, Limequats, lemon, fill the cup with your choice of water.

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