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Omiyage to get in Kyoto

Omiyage means gift or souvenir you give to friends, co-workers, and family after returning home from a trip. You can find at least an Omiyage store at any train station in Japan. There are so many to get and you wonder what is best. Kyoto is a beautiful city with delicious products and goods.

Apart from the common souvenir you can find anywhere, we are here to recommend these top 3 favourites from us.


A shop for spice lovers! Known as one of the best Japanese spice stores! The one we visit its head office located in Sannaizaka near Kiyomizu Temple. In the “Maiko Han – Hii ~” series, which is their flagship product, they use “Habanero”, a chilli pepper said to be ten times as hot as the ones on the marker. By further blending with other kinds of red pepper, the overwhelming delicious and extremely spicy taste will spread in your mouth. In addition to Ichimi and Shichimi, there are also chilli oil and curry sauce. My favourite include their curry biscuits

Tsubaki Hair Oil

Kyoto is known for their beautiful geisha, and the first thing that we notice is their beautiful hair. And their secret is by using camellia oil. They can moisture skin and hair, and thus has long been a favorite of Japanese women. You can use a few drop to message your face too.

Yojiya Kyoto

Everyone does know about Yojiya Kyoto – a specialist for natural face product in Kyoto. Among items, oil blotting facial paper is the most loved for a long time. So many tourists buy it as a souvenir in Kyoto. A picture of a woman is really popular even in the world.

Leave a comment below and tell us what will you get on your trip to kyoto!
xoxo, Angela

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