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Week 31 | A Paint Portrait



Title: Dear Karen
Instagram’s account: @karen.lao

When the doctor shares, “an apple a day keep the doctor away”. While all coffee lovers will say, “a coffee a day keeps the grumpy away”!

Little you know, I’m not an apple lover, people may need an apple to keep the doctor away, however, for me, it is a cup of good coffee to cheer me up. Therefore, it helps to kick start my day, and it helps me stay throughout all day long, without feeling grumpy.

Like me, Karen is a huge coffee lover. From her Instagram’s page, she always shares her best shot of different coffee moment. She loves spending quality time at cafes or at home just for a simple moment. I’m huge fans of Karen I must say, she is so talent and such a lovely lady! So joyful and sweet, therefore, I love her interesting perceptive and creativity! They darling yet stylish! For those who doesn’t know, she actually is @mikathejindo mummy!

Follow her on Instagram’s page, she is such an inspired individual! Believe or not, she always cheer my day!

xoxo, Angela.

Illustration | Angela Leong

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