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Big Day

Today painting and post is delicate to my dear friend Huishan’s big day – her wedding. As you can see I did a cartoon drawing of her and her husband- Tyrus,  but it was nothing like them. (I will try my very best for the next one!)

It’s my girlfriend’s wedding and it is the privilege of watching her marry to their loves. I am so grateful and happy that I can be part of her life. And it is wonderful that I can witness their love story. Starting from them getting to know each other, to him coming to our lecture when his free. These two are pretty crazy about each other. Time flies, tomorrow will be their new start.

It was an absolute honor to see this gem on her big day and celebrate their new beginning. I am very happy that my girlfriend have met you. Thank you!

Praying for an amazing first year of marriage for these two lovebirds!

xoxo, Joe

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