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With 2017 around the corner, why not freshen the house for a brand new year ahead? If you’re thinking about giving your humble abode a mod new look for next year, you should totally go for Kale. It’s a very earthy and soothing shade. It might appear a little dark, which usually gives the impression that it’ll make things look old, but there are many ways to play around with this soon-to-be popular color in a youthful home.

To put some green in your living room, it all depends on the size of it. If the size of your living room is on the average or small side (like ours), you could opt to have ‘spots’ of Kale in the space. You can have items such as pillows, carpets, or tables in the hall with a light background. For those with large living rooms, you can either paint one of your walls in Kale or get a wallpaper with designs in similar tones. Due to its slightly dark hue, the walls can create a cozy and relaxing effect in your spacious living area.

You must have some green in your bedrooms. It’s known that the color green can help people relax and rest. It’s also a refreshing shade, exactly what you need when you wake up every morning. Get some bed sheets or blankets for your bedroom. Trust us, it’s a very welcoming sight after a long day at work.

We would also like to jazz things up a little with trendy dining ware. We usually stick with the silver, white porcelain, or glass dining pieces. However this year we would like to get some green plates and cutlery to set a more upbeat mood.

Yes, we’re serious about Kale; and no, we’re not talking about putting fresh kale all over the house. It’s not the vegetable we’re referring to, but the color Kale.

xoxo, Angela.

Credit | All shots used on the mood board via our Pinterest boards.

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