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Week 49 | A Paint Portrait

Title: Dear Jordan
Instagram’s account: @jordancainepettitt

This week, I would love to share with you this amazing press & editorial photographer, Jordan. I just admired his work, if you want to see all of them you might not able to find it in his Instagram feed but instead his personal website and VSCO. What he capture just captivating, precise and a very moment of the second just tells us so many stories.

This is the charm of the photography, the document of the life of anyone, anywhere, anythings and it doesn’t require a great technique or gadgets. Using a great camera can enhance the resolution of your shots but it’s nothing compare to what an image tells.

I always enjoy seeing pictures and depict based on my imagination, and that’s why it lure me to it. It’s nothing like what commercial photography could bring you. Seeing at different pictures inspired me and let me understand how big the world is.

A Paint Portrait is coming to an end in the next few weeks but I think there is nothing can stop me to keep on painting and illustrating. So stay tuned for more of my works coming up!

Happy Mid Week!

xoxo, Angela.

Illustration | Angela Leong

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