Good Egg | South Melbourne

What’s the most essential the things for your every morning? For me (us), it’ll always be breakfast, therefore Melbourne is the best place for it! We thought it’s necessary to share this post as this is one of the best local hide-outs.

While, throughout our trip, the best breakie we had were from Good Egg, they served delicious eggs breakfast. Also, they are especially good with their scotched eggs! The runny egg yolk is coated with juicy minced meats and crunchy skin. You have to eat it along with the sweet basil, they are a delightful combination.

So, the question is where can you find the cafe? It’s somewhere away from the CBD area but easily accesses. Good Egg is just located opposite South Melbourne Market, right beside Market Lane Coffee.

We’re huge fans of design, definitely in love with their menu design.

That morning does have an interesting episode. See those images below? They happened within a moment! They are just the most adorable food chain ever. Seeing that little girl staring at the golden retriever while he is staring at Joe! But Joe just simply too cold to be focusing on herself. Nah, she is just too obsessed with her collection of wildflowers. While they are just the most adorable combination to kick-start a Sunday morning.

Another reason I love Good Egg because they have the most lovely staff ever, great smile and they just take care of everyone (including your pet). 

xoxo, Angela.

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