A Paint Portrait / Project 52

Week 26 | Project 52

Title: Dear the perfect pair
Instagram’s account: @caroko

Another week of disaster – tons of works and coming festivals have been overloading my shoulder weight. Therefore, I haven’t been able to work on any paintings lately. Hence, this week I would like to share a commercial portrait that I did a while back. One of the pieces that I feel so much love in it.

This lovely couple that I know – they are the most lovable pair ever. To be inspired to paint this portrait, the lady share with me tons of stories to celebrate their joy. I’m so fortunate to present this to their anniversary, to be part of their joy.

The one thing I always learned from the people who engage me to paint for them, they taught me, “There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.”

I hope everyone like today painting! Stay tuned for the weekly portrait!
Happy Thursday!

xoxo, Angela

Illustration | Angela Leong

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