Brighton | East Sussex

Continued from the previous post – Day trip to Seven Sisters Cliff. We took an express bus from Eastbourne down all the way to Brighton. The trip was about an hour but the scenery just covers it all. The express bus has lesser stops compared to the usual bus routine, it worth spending 4 pounds for the trip.

The morning was bright and shinning, we left our host at about 10 am. I would say the weather is unpredictable in the UK as you never bet against the sudden change of temperature. It was cold the moment we reached Brighton despite we were welcome on a sunny morning.  Thus, the town simply warms us up shortly with great food, lovely pebble beach and beautiful streets and store.

As it’s Winter, many stores at Brighton pier were closed therefore it is sad that we couldn’t enjoy any bits of it. Thus, I promised myself to visit again during another summer, it’s must be pleasant! I do really love Brighton – it might be a gloomy day when I arrived but everything just put in order when we spent our day there. Looking forward to going back with Joe as she definitely will love it!

“It might be the first time I came across with a pebble beach – simply love it!

“Actually, I don’t know what this for in the middle of the sea?”


“Let’s fill this town with artists”, and truly. 

The reason I like enjoying walking street in the UK – everything is beautiful.

Not just Notting Hill, British love pretty doors.

More stories to come, stay tuned for more London trip post! Feel free to drop us a text and we hope we will answer your questions for any enquire and recommendation. Have a great week ahead!

xoxo, Angela.

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