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For those who has been following our blog, you’ll know that we love things that are simple yet with colors. We believed that with a minimum touch of colors it will bring the whole interior entirely differently. As we are talking about country-style, on the contrary, it can be complicated. It might be the last thing we want to compare them with the contemporary-style.

Even though I still fall in love country-style – they always come in bold elements, dominate by raw materials, filled with natural colors. And, bricks wall just made the statement – it just brings the whole atmosphere from the rural European to your home.

Speaking about my love for bricks, I, especially, love the white brick walls. It is pure, and it textures just elevate the look of the room the moment you enter.

My only worries for having a bricks wall is the maintaining, I worry it gets dirty over the time. Such as the cleanliness of the gaps in between the bricks (since I’m a neat freak with a sensitive nose).  Of course alternatively, these days we could get wallpapers, I wouldn’t do so as it lost the touch of the bricks where I first for in love.

xoxo, Angela.

Credit | All shots used on the mood board via our Pinterest boards.

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