DESIGN / Project 52

Week 8 | Project 52

Title: Breakfast and Bed

I’m trying my best to cope with my work-life and personal life. Indeed it’s never an easy way out if you want to separate the two. This week I couldn’t finish #APaintPortarit again as illustrate a human took me hours or days. Therefore, I decide to share other illustration instead while putting the #APaintPortarit project on hold. This week I told myself that no matter how tight my schedule would at least pamper myself with breakfast and have proper 6/7 hours sleep. It’s a challenging while my work is piling up. I always motivate myself with the trip during October but with all the work on my mind – a simple breakfast is a healer while a good sleep makes me feel energetic.

I don’t ask for anything but simply this two.

Happy Saturday!
xoxo, Angela

Illustration | Angela Leong

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