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Bangkok Wat Aru | Thailand

As a traveller, if you ever travel to Thailand, Bangkok or you planned to travel there. Wat Aru (also known as the Temple of Dawn) is a well-known landmark in Thailand – it’s one of a beautiful place to visit. While the temple filled with history but it is also an Instagram-worthy place if you are searching a spot for your Instagram-album collection.

This is the second time I have been to Wat Aru but it is the first time I witness the beauty of the structure as a couple of years back it was under renovation. The temple derives its name from the Hindu god Aruna, often personified as the radiations of the rising sun. We enjoyed exploring places with beautiful architectures – to spend time to see the buildings/temples therefore I respect the architects a lot. As their brillance builds the history in the world.

Tips for photography
I wouldn’t say that these are tips but for those who want to take some photographs that stand out from those tourist shots, there are a few things you can always explore.

  1. Explore different angles – play with the wide shot, close up, depth-of-field
  2. Play with the available spaces – look from different
  3. Capture the different expression – the model don’t have to always look into the screen as that is not the only to express the thought
  4. Carry a tripod
  5. Always shoot in RAW (you can do it with smartphones now)
  6. Shoot in the shade (Avoid direct sunlight)

We hope that you find these tips useful, share with us your photos by tagging #byplaincanvas on Instagram.

xoxo Angela.

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