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As a Chinese, the start of a new year usually never really begin without the Chinese New Year. It is one of the biggest festivals we are celebrating. When it comes to food we treat it seriously. From auspicious dishes to the tiny details like dining ware, we carefully decide what to be served on the table. In the old days, the elderly always said, “You never want to place something that is inauspicious at the beginning of the brand new year, as bad luck might follow you throughout”. Scientifically, it is superstitious but it is also tradition we should preserve and pass on.

While we love the simplicity of our daily life however during such festive, it is an honour to bring out the most beautiful utensils and dining ware on the table. It makes the dishes look amazingly rosy on the glorious pattern. The patterns that you always spot on the Chinaware usually they are Chinese mystic creatures, an illustration of auspicious tales and homophobic, such as Dragon, Phoenix, Fish and Flowers.

Gold, Yellow, Red and China Blue(s) are the favourites during the Chinese New Year. Times we will also add in flowers such as orchids are considered to be symbolic of ‘many children’ or fertility and abundance in Chinese culture, and signify refinement, luxury and innocence.

There are so many to add to one table. Are you excited to change some of this beautiful dining ware for the reunion dinner?

xoxo, Angela

Credit | All shots used on the mood board via our Pinterest boards.

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