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Kawaii Cup Noodle

Did you know that Cup Noodles was invented in 1958 and Momofuku Ando is the inventor of instant noodles, instant ramen, and Cup Noodles? We headed down to the Cup Noodles Museum at Yokohama and found out more of it!

Cup Noodles is always one of my favorite food that I love to try in the world. There are thousand for me to choose and most importantly easy to cook want I am hungry. Although my mom always tell me it is unhealthy to eat too much since young, but I will still sneak around and get some.

At the Cup Noodle museum not only we got some of the limited edition items, but we get to make our own Cup Noodle too. I mean who hasn’t had instant ramen in their lifetime? Mr. Ando basically created every college kid’s staple meal! We can’t count how many Cup Noodles and instant ramen we have had over the years and being able to create our very own custom cup sounded like so much fun.  It is indeed a dream comes true for me.

There are several steps involved in creating your custom cup. First, you buy the cup, which cost ¥300 (~$3 ). Next, you have to sanitize your hands and then a staff member directs you to a table with markers to start designing your cup. 

After you complete your masterpiece, you take it over to the processing factory where you get to pick your soup flavor and ingredients. Angela chose the classic chicken flavor and I picked the chili tomato flavor. We both added similar ingredients like the cheese, egg, Hiyoko-chan chick, and corn.

xoxo, Joe

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