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Be Wild, When Young

Hello, it’s been a while (not ready)! Currently, I am still having in the festival mood after celebrating Singapore 52nd National Day. All the performance, lights and fireworks are so overwhelming. While what I remember about that day is the fireworks, what most people remember is an incident about a boy. While most of his peer is cheering and having fun, he was filmed showing middle finger.

Is the kid in wrong?

Does this kid offend me?
No, but I laughed and kinda of jealous that he gets to do it. He is still a primary school kid, and this is the age he gets to have fun and try out stuff. As long as he doesn’t hurt anyone, I think is fine.

Does he deserve scolding?

Yes, but it should be done back home or school. Not in the public. He needs to reflect his action but all this news will affect his life. The teacher needs to reflect on their action too.

Like my title, to me when you are young be wild. I am not saying that I encourage kids to do wrong stuff. If you did it without knowing it was wrong, it’s okay learn from it instead. Hope the public, school, and parents don’t be so mean to his action! #salute #thuglife

xoxo, Joe

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