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Recent Reads | September

Happy “Read a Book Day” everyone! Just wanted to share recent reads I’ve been enjoying lately.

I love books – physically attached to them by their beautiful covers and the printing scent of the pages. Well, I don’t just judge a book by their cover but I read them, anticipate and be involved emotionally. I want to read and know more about it, whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, magazines or recipes. I felt peaceful and lost in time while reading them.

These two books that I want to share are The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking and The Book of Hygge by Louisa Thomsen Brits.

I found these books by chance during a visit to the book store. The sector of lifestyle has such corner called, “Hygge”. I saw this term somewhere before, I thought it’s a trend but I have no idea what it is and surely didn’t know that it is a word in the dictionary.

The Little Book of Hygge is very interesting and it feels like a thesaurus that consisted of lots of terms, facts, details yet very entertaining. I also enjoyed the beautiful illustration of each page, it makes things simpler and natural to understand. Not only that, but it also consists of various recipes throughout the book that taught us how to eat like Danish. I already plan to try the recipe.

The Book of Hygge scores 10 out of 10 of being “Hygge” from the cover, to the written pages and the sharing from Louisa Thomsen Brits. She doesn’t only share the facts but explains how to connect and stay comfortable through the habit of Hygge.

Hygge “hoo-ga” is never a trend but a way of living, its part of the culture that we Asian doesn’t have. It’s something that I want to practice at home, in the short term it’s all about live, play, love. Because everything in life can be living in it most beautiful way.

If you want to know more about Hygge and these two are the one, to begin with. For those, prefer a less wordy book and with the fascinating charts, The Little Book of Hygge is definitely your pick still I would also recommend The Book of Hygge for quiet reading.

If you have any recent reads you’d like to share, feel free. Hope you have a great weekend!

xoxo. Angela

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