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7 MUST Read #stayhome Cookbooks

Be inspired by food and drink has been the longest time before we started this blog. While Angela has an obsession with books but in recent years both of us are in love with collecting cookbooks, to learn from the expert and further putting out the home cook meals for family and friends. We loved to share some of our favourites cookbooks and authors to you folk. Let us know if you have already know any of them yet if don’t please check them out!

“Cooking and baking is both physical and mental therapy.” ― Mary Berry

Food Magazines (e.g. fresh + light by Donna Hay)
I love to buy food magazine occasionally as during each seasonal change they feature really good recipes. And many celebrity cooks have started to join the squad. However, sadly to say that it is not all food magazines can have good guidance and with a bulletproof formula for everyone. Some magazines after numerous of trying the recipes but it just don’t work at all! But the one that approves by Joe is surely Donna Hay Magazine. So she has been one of our favourites whenever we see something we love at the magazine corner!

My New Roots by Sarah Britton
For health enthusiast, you don’t want to miss this. It teaches you to make a healthier choice and features simple recipes to make a home. For those who don’t like to eat green, you might fell in love with the recipes in it. She turned dully vegetable into stunning beautiful dishes.

The Way of Kueh by Christopher Tan
Kueh has always been in our life since young, and the making of kueh has always amaze me. When this book first released we know we have to get it, as it have a detailed explanation on the process and ingredients. It is also a plus point that you are able to learn some of the history from the local kueh makers.

A Common Table by Cynthia Chen Meternan
I remember the first time I came across to this blog making steam bun, in three ways by @tworedbowls, the next second she has been my beloved food blogger on my list. When I hear that she release her book A Common Table the next second I got it on my bookshelf, I enjoyed her recipes with strong Asian influences from her Chinese background and her Korean mother-in-law. Most of her food is so comforting because of the familiar culture we could be related to her. You can simply prepare all this fusion food at home if you love American, Chinese and Korean food.

Molly on the Range by Molly Yeh
I love Molly Yeh – one of my beloved baker blogger, she is so inspiring. I love all the crazy, lovely, sweet beautiful bakes she made and so when I know she has released her book, that goes into my collection for sure! I enjoyed the simple and detailing she shared, it is surely something you like to keep if you like to know more about farm life!

The Family Meal: Home Cooking with Ferran Adrià
I got this book at least 9 – 10 years ago – it was my favourite cookbook. Back then I don’t know who is the author neither do I know that he is one of the greatest chefs on earth. What I love about the book is the step by step guide that none many cookbooks feature this. If you are a first time making your meal, this book is the ultimate guide.

Gordan Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking
We don’t love Gordan Ramsay, at least my whole family love him. Swearing is surely one of his signatures on his shows but making food that good and easy he makes great teaching. In his books, you simply can make restaurant qualities meals at home. The book shared you all the techniques you must know in the kitchen. We taught it is the most fundamental book at home.

Bonus read: Leon Happy Curries
My friends know how much I love Indian food privately – they said that I’ve Indian blood in my vessel. I love the spices, herb and the smell – how rich the Indian food can be so delicious when it mixture together. That was why by chance when I spotted this book in the bookstore, I purchase it without a hassle. It is a wonderful book filled with delicious recipes! This book is chockablock full with recipes of curries. I like that it’s not just Indian curries, it’s curries from all around the world as well as some lovely looking side dishes and all the bits to go with them. Very very pleased with this book.

Please share with us your recent or favourite cookbooks, we love to explore new reading out there!
Happy Cooking!

xoxo, The Sister.

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