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This week will be the last week of the October, and people it’s time to celebrate Halloween. A period where the kids knock on your door to get their candy and the adults get ready for some amazing party. While for those prefer to stay at home, you could have fun as well, set up a mini bar for the Halloween night at home and invite family or friends over for horror movie marathon! We have prepared a series of Halloween’s special, where we share with you some food and decoration ideas. Shall we get started!


Did you know that the balloons are the best tools to aid in your decoration in all kind of your gatherings, parties, and events! While the fancy ones are too expensive, the single colored ones might be way too dull. What if you could add in some surprise element to elevate them, what’s better than doing it yourself?

We all know that it’s always a mess when we throw the confetti but they just gives a spark to your parties! Therefore, we decide to combine the two together, this allows us to add more color and make your party more exciting!

By doing it in one flick of the wrist, thus now it’s time to take it back to its original use and party with it. Confetti balloons make an adorable photo prop for all parties and events. It can add a wow factor to the decor at any location. Forget the flower and confetti tossing; all you have to do is pop the balloons to shower the “stars” with confetti!


Halloween is not only about spooky and giving out of candy but it also all about fun! We are going to keep the fun going because we should have a Halloween month as a reward for October. And the most delightfully festive thing in the world are confetti balloons! They seriously put a megawatt smile on everyone’s face. So if you are throwing a party or surprising, someone, I totally recommend confetti balloons…trust me on this one!

Materials Needed |

  • Colored paper
  • 12″ Clear balloon
  • Circle stamps cutter
  • Funnel (optional)
  • Air pump

Methods |

Most of these items I got at a party store like the 12″ clear balloon and the air pump. I got the clear balloons a few days beforehand and took them home to fill with pre-cut confetti.  With the funnel, put in enough confetti to cover the bottom of the balloon. While the balloon is filled with air, the confetti will stay on the bottom so the more you put, the better the confetti will show in the balloon. Rub around the balloon allowing the confetti stick to the side of the balloon. Tie the end in a knot and then tie on a string. Enjoy!

Tips from us |

However, if you’re punching out shapes instead of just cutting bits of paper, punch through the entire stack of colored/ tissue paper at one time.  Not only is it a lot faster, but the punch just performs better and makes cleaner cuts when you punch through the whole stack at once.  The tissue paper tends to just tear if you try to punch one sheet at a time.

Thus, if you’re having trouble getting the confetti to stick to the sides of the balloons, create a little static electricity by rubbing balloons on the carpet.

Please make them and take a photo, send us an email, tag us on Instagram, tweet us, anything. We love to yours! While, there will be more exclusive stories on our #stellerstories profile, therefore, check it out whenever you can! 

Happy Halloween! Stay tuned for tomorrow for more Halloween special post.

xoxo, Joe.

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