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Japandi, Scandinese or Japanordic, whatever you choose to call it, this latest hybrid trend effortlessly combines the best bits of two favoured design cultures. Founded by a common focus on uncluttered, minimalist and functional living, Japandi offers the perfect balance between the relaxed pared-back feel of Scandinavian design with the warmth and refined elegance of Japanese interiors.

The differing approaches to colour can also be seen through the use of wood within both styles, as both rely heavily on the incorporation of natural finishes. A Scandinavian-inspired décor will lean more towards lighter tones with a rustic, relaxed quality, whilst Japanese interiors often favour warmer stained or refined painted woods.

Overall, Japandi brings together the best parts of two ever-popular trends to deliver the ultimate in functional, minimalist living. The refined elegance of a Japanese-inspired scheme adds some finesse and warmth whilst the cool, modern rustic feel of Scandi design adds variance in texture. The result is an interior style that exudes clean and ordered sophistication whilst remaining comforting and relaxed…What’s not to love?

xoxo, Joe

Credit | All shots used on the mood board via our Pinterest boards.

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