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A few days back we headed to The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore for a staycation for Angela’s birthday celebration. We are amazed at how the interior of the hotel is, incorporating the modern element to the heritage building. One of the elements that are heavily used is the neo-classical and rattan elements.

This time we are going to touch on the neo-classical style. Bridging the gap between the traditional and contemporary, neoclassical design offers a rich method of self-expression that differs from eclectic and transitional styles in a few important ways.

Neoclassical interiors embrace luxury – far from modest, but careful to remain tasteful. It offers a playground for bold colors more than its transitional pastel-hued neighbor. It requires a more curated approach to furniture than its distant cousin the free-spirited eclectic. The interiors featured in this post range from those inspired by Hollywood Regency style all the way to a super-modern interpretation with faint neoclassical influences.

The wall edge frame and round edges are heavily spotted in the hotel. Incorporating rattan, leather, and arts, created a totally different style. Stay tuned for our post of our experiences inThe Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore.

xoxo, Joe

Credit | All shots used on the mood board via our Pinterest boards.

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