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Travelling is one of our favourite activities, where many go shopping and food during their trip, one of our favourite tasks is to look for places that have good exterior and interior. Using this inspiration we found around the world we may use it for our house. While we couldn’t travel now, we look for inspiration online and came across this home in Mumbai.

Relaxed and natural are the first words that come to mind as one steps into this apartment in South Mumbai designed by Deepshikha Jaiswal Raut, principal architect of The Drawing Studio. The next two perceptions that follow could be considered descriptions that might be in slight contradiction of each other: for the apartment is as rustic as it is refined. And then there is the biggest draw of the room—the home owner’s much-loved collection of plants that include a variety of palms, nasturtiums, dracaenas, and aglaonemas. Clustered around corners and on top of tables, bringing in myriad shades of green, they thrive so well that some of them even touch the ceiling.

Do you like the interior here?

xoxo, Joe

Credit | All shots used on the mood board via our Pinterest boards.

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