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Moodboard | Kitchen Inspiro Vol 2

Angela gets anxious when our counters get too cluttered and her OCD side takes over. And we always clear everything off the counters to start fresh. Trying to wipe all the surfaces down really well and only put back the minimum to keep the kitchen looking clean and simple. Ahhh, we can finally inhale again.

However, sometimes it still ended up in a mess. Thus we found out actually trays are a great way to contain clutter on counters and keep the kitchen organized. There’s lots of different kind of trays, and the one that I am sharing today is my favourite. When there are a lot of round or soft features in the space, a tray with harsh edges could provide some nice contrast to switching things up. This white marble tray is the best example for this situation.

Trays in neutral colours are the most versatile so you can always move them to another space if you want. As it compliments kitchen wares that are in heavier textures like wood, glass or even plastic. However, when you have kitchen wares in softer texture like marbles you could use a plastic tray instead.

To add little fun elements, we recommend adding no more than 2-3 decorative items to it and keeping plenty of negative space available. You could add items like herbs pot or even your cooking books. Just be sure to keep everything balanced, purposeful, and complimentary of each other.

For a more dynamic look, vary the heights of your tray décor and incorporate colour and texture. The most important part of decorating a tray, though, is to have fun and make it your own!

xoxo, Joe

Credit | All shots used on the mood board via our Pinterest boards.

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