Halloween Drink Bar

When I was a kid, Halloween was my favorite time of year. There was something magical about that spooky night that put electricity into the air for me.  Plus, candy, duh.

For me, Halloween wasn’t about the scary things, it was about all the fun that came with the holiday. I loved making caramel apples, sherbert punches, and there were always crafts galore! Of course, as I’ve grown up, I’ve carried that same love of Halloween into adulthood. Except I get to have way more fun with it now.

Since we will be having kids around, we decided to make this Drink Bar a non-alcoholic one. Although one for adult we be much fun. We made some Pumpkin Juice and Nutella bread. All of them is very simple to make, it just took us less than 20 minutes to get them prepared.

One of the highlight for this drink bar is the decoration. The theme color of the drink bar is Purple and Orange.

Pumpkin or fall flower centerpieces add purple and orange color tones to Halloween decorating ideas. Bright yellow, red and orange flowers that bloom in fall, pumpkins, orange candles, tablecloth and furniture upholstery fabric in fall leaf colors make Halloween party decoration look gorgeous and welcoming.

We came across online having this cheese cloth ghost DIY, and we already can’t wait to made them. As the material is cheap and easy to made. After this drink bar the ghost and used as a light stand. Isn’t that wonderful?

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xoxo, Joe

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