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Belly baskets are ubiquitous. And depending on whom you ask, they’re either tired or inspired. There are serval different type of belly basket, however, my favourite is the Fladis Basket from IKEA.

I’m all for them. For one thing, you can’t deny their usefulness in corralling whatever your home throws its way: blankets in the den, shoes in the entry, rolls of toilet paper in the bath. Push the top of the basket down so that it pops inside and the handles disappear, essentially cutting its height in half, and you can even use it in the kitchen as a fruit bowl. For another, their soft shape feels organic and natural—and still very much of-the-moment. They can also be easily personalized; you can paint them or add pompoms.

Best of all, there’s an upside to their popularity: Because they’re so trendy, they’re easy to find and also pretty inexpensive. Have the handles turned up to hide your things, or turn them down to display the contents – you choose. This multifunctional basket is handwoven and adds a natural and genuine expression to any space.

xoxo, Joe
Credit | All shots used on the mood board via our Pinterest boards.

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