Little Miss Egg


Do you know how important table decoration can be? We never define them by sizes instead of how fascinating it could attract guest attention. There will always have awkward or shy moments when it comes to a new environment. Thus, the beautiful table decoration can always get people felt home. It definitely brings the dining experience to another amusing way.

This would be the last post for How to throw the Sweetest Mother’s Day Brunch project. If you recall what we had mentioned, we are using egg as the ingredient for the 3-courses meal. Therefore, we decided to use some egg as a decoration on the table. It is an easy craft that suits all ages, especially kids who want to give their mom a surprise!

Supplies Needed:

  • Baby’s breath / Limonium (we’re using dried flowers that we had)
  • Scissors
  • 2 six-inch pieces of 20ga. copper wire
  • Hard-boiled egg
  • Permanent marker


  1. First, cut Baby’s Breath / Limonium into small pieces.
  2. Use one piece of wire to make a circle fit the top of your egg, twisting the ends around each other to secure.
  3. Use the second piece of wire to wrap cut pieces of baby’s breath to the circle, each overlapping the last piece.
  4. When you come back to the beginning, cut wire.
  5. Draw face, place crown, and display.

*Note – You don’t have to worry about food wasting, the hard-boiled egg can be consumed within a week time. Thus, remember to store or display them in a cooling area.

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