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Week 13 | A Paint Portrait

Titled Dear Saw by Angela Leong

Titled Dear Saw by Angela Leong

Title: Dear Saw
Instagram’s account: @dear_saw

June is approaching the end, thus, my work seems like never-ending stories for me. Works are piling up each day yet I have only got 24 hours every day.

There is the time, I blame myself want to make the works to its perfection, therefore, there was endless changing. The truth there was nothing perfect, it’s a bad habit for a designer try to make it perfect! Sometimes, I’ve been telling myself to be messier! hahas.

Back to today painting, it is a portrait I did for my dearest friend, Saw! Saw, he is a talented artist. I will be always amazed by the artistic work that he was done, please check him out, I believed you will fall in love with his arts like me! #APaintPortarit

Happy Wednesday!

xoxo, Angela.
Illustration | Angela Leong


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