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5 Simple & Practical ways for beginning a Plastic-Free Journey

In this plastic-filled world, avoiding plastic can be pretty challenging. But finding alternatives to common items like plastic bottles and plastic packaging is becoming increasingly easier — and not a moment too soon for our plastic-choked planet. While it is unavoidable when we are out there for purchasing we are sharing some essentials option that you can carry in your bag.

Before we get started, I want to note that when it comes to swapping to more eco-friendly options, it’s normal for it to take some time – months or even years. Zero waste is a slow journey and it’s important to use up what you already have so as not to waste those things. Once those items have reached their end of life, then consider replacing with a greener option that can last you for years or life.

Recycle Tote

It has been years since we kept at least a recycle tote bag in our handbag or purse. There’s no harm from doing that. I think this must be one of our first plastic-free practices and the easiest one for you to start with. Imagine the carries you rejected from purchase you could save the world in a whole lot more. 

They came in numerous shades and sizes, you can decide what fit you the best and keep with you at all time. I must admit I’m overly addicted to buying them but fortunately I have Joe manage me on my credit card. These are those we are using:

Reusable Tote: We love to use both Peco Bag and LOQI reusable bag for marketing. They are water-resistant tote with pocket. The best feature of them is light, foldable and to you can select your favourite based on millions of designs they offered. What more, Peco Bag is made from recycled plastic bottles and that is why we love it more about the brand.

Market Net Tote Bag: The beauty of the Net Tote showcasing your fresh produce, the flower you purchase, it always could act as a reminder of what you are missing in your shopping list. I also love to bring my Net Tote for a picnic, it’s just gorgeous to show off with. 

Snack & Sandwich Bag

Though the portable, affordable wrap keeps meals fresher and longer, there are several catches: Plastic wrap contributes to the larger plastic pollution crisis, it’s difficult to recycle, and it’s made from potentially harmful chemicals, especially as they break down in the environment. Have you ever figure how much of cling wrap or zip lock bags you have to throw away within a year? Did you know, there is a handful of the government or town council in the world will not recycle soft plastic. After research, we discover that we have been dropping non-recyclable items into the bin. Items that are mistakenly dropped into the bin will make the recycling process harder for the worker. Thus the simplest way of making no mistake by not creating more trash. *For Singaporean who want to know what can recycle or not, you can check out the following link.

One of the solution is that I have shifted to these gorgeous lunch bags both cloth and silicone. We got ours from Glamfields (I’ve got from amazon, for 12 pouches), Stasher Bag and by Roll’ eat. I love all of them as they’re lightweight and unlike the disposable cling wrap or zip lock bags. They come in attractive colours which I appreciate them so much. If you invest in a good sandwich bag you can last for years. 

PS: In fact, I just order Lekue Reusable Case in my collection. They came in both in traditional sandwich and baguette shape. I can’t wait to share when it arrived. 

Bamboo & Stainless Straws

Instead of plastic straw which is only one-time usage, these are my 3 favourable choices for reusable straws – Bamboo, Stainless Steel and Silicone. We love all of them – particularly the Bamboo because they are special, 100% natural and can be returned to the Earth without leaving a trace. It’s reusable and easy to wash, it’s best to rinse your straw immediately after use to avoid mould and bacteria. You can throw them in the dishwasher for an extra clean, too, but unlike others, bamboo straws are best washed by hand if you want them to last.

What’s the differences? – Bamboo, Stainless Steel or Silicone

Bamboo straws: It doesn’t change the temperature or the taste of anything, so they’re ideal for both hot and cold drinks. They can be reused many times but once they’ve seen better days bamboo straws can simply be placed in your composter or returned to the earth to break down naturally.

Stainless Steel Straws:
It could last for a lifetime. They are great for cold liquids, metal straws make chilled beverages taste even colder. But do be careful if you are drinking hot drinks, don’t burn your tongue! Like, Bamboo straws they are easy to clean and you can consider to pass on to your next generation.

Silicone Straws:
It is long-lasting, durable, it doesn’t easily biodegrade or decompose. They are perfect for kids, party makers and those that prefer a softer style straw. It adds a pop of colours to your drinks. 

Silicone Cup, Glass Bottle & Stainless Steel Tumbler

Drinking is necessary for everyone, naturally our body needs to water to survive. For a change, we all drink at least a cup of coffee, tea or a refreshment (not to forget about bubble tea) when we are out at a cafe, hangouts or even a grab away. One of the most significant waste reduce will be to bring your cup. I got my silicone cup from Stojo Store as they are lightweight and easy to carry. One of the best features of its products is collapsible. You can fold it and put it in your bag as it doesn’t take you any spaces as compared to other reusable cups out there. 

Although the collapsible silicone cup is our favourite, we also want to mention the glass bottle and stainless steel tumbler. They are great for both hot and a cold beverage, we have a couple of those shared within ourselves.

More to share…

A few things we haven’t mentioned above are:

Reusable Capsule: Since we got our Nespresso machine we tend to drink more cups than usual. Despite we recycle all the capsules for compost. So we are thrilled when we discover reusable capsule! The greatest thing invented, you can stop being convenient, grab the coffee powder in bulks and reduce even more waste. 

Bamboo Strainer: It is the most charming things we love about bamboo strainer. 100% handcraft, organic, no chemical use when they made each of them. With this, you can stop using a paper filter and keep something so beautiful on your tabletop. Like the coffee get the tea leaves in loose form and you can make your tea without having wasting the packaging. 

Glassware: The last thing I wanted to mention is to reuse all the glassware (like jars, containers) from your meals. Glass is one of the durable receptacles you can get out there. Usually, we will try not to buy new ones and reuse what we already have. Especially, there are various merchandises out there we tried to packaging that is environmental friendly (e.g. tins and jars). Rinse and recycle them and it’ll save you money for getting new ones. Let us go in-depth on our collection in another post soon. 

xoxo, Angela

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