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The Moon’s Insight | Tan Jetty

Before Chinese New Year I took a 4 days 3 nights break to Penang. A holiday in Penang is not for the faint-hearted. The island will not coddle you with tourist maps or street signs. There are no sightseeing trails to follow, no town square with all the sights in one place. If you want to experience Penang, you have to work for it. 

To make my time worth, right after checked into the Airbnb, we when straight down to the Jetty and have a look at the Sunset. As it is a busy weekend, it is crowded with lots of tourist. Thus the best way for me to enjoy the beautiful jetty is by capturing with my eyes and paint them down.

There are a total of 12 Jetty, we when to visit the Chew and Tan Jetty. And the Tan Jetty have caught my heart, with the experience of walking the shaky thin road. I am glad to see the bright red house in the middle of the water.

xoxo, Joe

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