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Mood Board | Smeg in style

Smeg has been around since the 1950s, but it wasn’t until the mid-1990s that their retro-inspired fridge designs took the world by storm. For people used to utilitarian stainless steel-style fridges, this curved design classic had people taking notice.

I always want to have the classic smeg fridge for my kitchen. The design language of an enamel-coated stainless steel body, elegant control knobs, and the iconic retro logo make the pieces look fabulous together. When you are a minimalist like me, the Smeg fridge is an art piece for the kitchen.

The retro-style Smeg fridge becomes part of the display console in the dining area. Its lovely mint hue also complements the attractive colors of the dining chairs. A mainly white background, paired with splashes of pale Tiffany blue on the wall and in a highly covetable Smeg fridge, sets a fresh contemporary look, while wood tones cozy up to the spaces.

xoxo, Joe.

Credit | All shots used on the mood board via our Pinterest boards.

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