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Pulut Inti

It is hard to determine the origin of this dessert. Many of the kueh native to the Malay culture have been adopted and improvised by the Nyonyas. In this particular dessert, the Malays usually leave the steamed glutinous white rice. The Nyonyas like to streak the glutinous rice blue with blue pea flower a natural food dye.

Pulut Inti is can be hardly found in Singapore compare to the rest of the kueh and desserts that I last painted. However, the first time I tasted it in a Nyonyas restaurant I fall in love with it. Especially the coconut, it bring a sweet taste to the glutinous white rice.

I love painting the wrapped banana leaves, however I make a little mistake from painting more of the coconut than the rice. Well who doesn’t more of it as I taste soooo good!

xoxo, Joe

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