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Corned Beef Egg Sandwich | 蛋牛治

Honestly speaking, we are not going to travel in the world for a very long time now. We do not miss the actual travelling but their amazing local cuisine. And as Cantonese, we love Hong Kong delicious delights very much. One of the foods I missed a lot was their Corned Beef Egg Sandwich. In Singapore, we are famous with our Hawker’s food while what represent Hong Kong the most is defiantly their Tea Restaurant’s culture (commonly known as Cha Chaan Teng, 茶餐廳). And their Beef Egg Sandwiches is one of their original item that invented by their multiverses culture.

The crispy toasted sliced of bread, spread with a very thin layer of peanut butter and layered with the star of the sandwich – the creamy thick Corned Beef Egg.

How to get a fluffy egg?

We discovered that to replicate the fluffy and creamy egg texture we have in Hong Kong Tea Restaurant (commonly known as Cha Chaan Teng, 茶餐廳) we should change to evaporated milk instead of fresh milk. It creates a thicker texture than fresh milk. It will also add in some sweetness to the salty corned beef meat.

We’ve found that butter and dairy make the fluffiest, most luxurious eggs. The fat in the heavy cream coats proteins in the eggs. This restricts the excess loss of liquid and contributes to fluffier eggs. Without that extra fat, the proteins can release too much liquid, creating a denser eggs.

Use low heat and cook it with a spatula to prevent from over cooking. Your eggs are done when they are no longer liquid, the curds are large and clumped together, but they still glisten with moisture.

Soft bread, soft luscious scrambled eggs, tender corned beef.  Slap it all together and you’ve got yourself a perfect version of my personal favorite cha chaan teng sandwich, the Corned Beef Egg Sandwich 蛋牛治.  And while you’re making this HK style snack for yourself, why not go all out and make a tall cool glass of Hong Kong Style Iced Lemon Tea 凍檸茶 to go with it!  Enjoy your afternoon snack!

xoxo, Angela

Corned Beef Egg Sandwich | 蛋牛治


  • Toast 2 pcs

  • Egg 2 pcs

  • 2 tbsp of evaporating milk

  • Corned Beef 70 g

  • Peanut Butter Jam

  • Black pepper 1/4 tsp

  • Butter


  • Whisk the egg and evaporating milk together in a bowl. Set a side. In a not stick pan cook your corned beef till cooked. Mix it with the egg mixture then season it with salt and pepper.
  • In a pan, heat up with butter, pour in the mixture and cook it will low heat. You can mixture it like a scrambled egg or push the egg mixture to the center of the pan. Do not over cook it,
  • Serve the egg corned beef on spread peanut butter toasted bread. You can either trim away the side or not. Enjoy them while they are warm.

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